Mid January

It’s the end of the week and it has been another busy one.

The promise of snow teased us all week but did not deliver. Snow, how exciting. I really was looking forward to the ground being hidden by a blanket of cold white magical flurries. I love snow, everything so quiet and so incredibly beautiful.

My love of snow comes from living in Canada for much of my childhood. Of course had we received the promised snow, I would have been outside taking photos. These photos would then become subjects for my paintings.

Each evening after my return home I’ve stared at my current painting because something has felt fundamentally wrong with it. Part of me wanted to rip the painting up and bin the paper. What was wrong with the picture? Something small, something tiny, I just haven’t been able to figure out what was missing.

This evening I figured out what has been nagging me. Twenty minutes on and I’ve rectified what was missing.

Work not withstanding I shall continue working on this painting that has yet to reveal its full story to me.

That I lost the need to tear this one up, I am looking forward to the end result. Pictures of my progress will be forthcoming.

Still feeling sad that we only had the barest of snow falls. The sort of snow that dissolves mere seconds after landing on the ground, the sort of snowfall that if one was to blink would miss it altogether.

 Until next week I wish you all an awesome week and remember…..

Never give up on your dreams.


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