My first commission!

I’ve been busy making Christmas presents! I know it’s early but some things take time and can’t be rushed. As producing artwork takes an unpredictable length of time – at least it does with me, I had to get to work on the commissions early.

I am embarking on a big project, of approximately 12 commissioned paintings, from specific lines from poems written by a family member of one of my friends. Take a look below!

The first painting I put together is from a poem called ‘Growmore’. The chosen line had ‘redwood-like celery’ so I began work.

painting 1

This is the initial sketch, then I used mask away to protect the areas for later on.

painting 2

For the irregularity of the celery ends I used brusho paints which take a while to dry before you are able to get the full benefit of how the painting looks.

As I am not the most patient person so had to force myself to leave things alone. I left the painting flat on my painting table to dry overnight.

painting 3

Though the picture may not appear to have changed much, I have done plenty of work on it by adding more definition to the celery sticks. Next, the tractor needs to have the mask away removed and painted.

painting 4

Finished picture. I always find it difficult to stop a painting. I always see something that I could, or indeed should, be altered. To stop myself from dabbling I sent a photo of this end result to my client.

She loves it.

One down, 11 more to do.

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